You Will Love You

You are beautiful, today—although the you don't feel that way, you are wonderful. The day will come when you will be more beautiful, than today; maybe not today, tomorrow or next week—yet, you will. Because you will feel it. Because you will love what...

A Place of Love - {3}

She's a tender intuitive Like many she's met   Constantly self-critical Consicely self-chronicling    What did she do, now Could she do anything right   Just justly

She's the Same Girl

  She's a Warm cup of tea And not the traditional kind But the spicy  Vibrant Sometimes snarky kind Gentle  Kind reminder kind And a Hold me to it Kind   Just Always there for me Tea I guess you could say ...

One Against Many

When did this feeling arrive   When did the pain  Become pain When did it not bother to say it was here When it was here all along   Smile She said     One against Many Is just how it feels. 

You Think You're Better Than Me

Don't you— In fact, WITH EASE, when you think about it—you are smarter than me. You're always more right than I. You're more right than nearly all of us, aren't you. I bet when in a single exhale you realize you're so much smarter than us you...