Will You be gone by winter

Will I be Cold 

And you gone by May

Minus 7

(And now counting, are you counting)


Or will you stay

A little longer

Will you be gone by your birthday

Will we have fun for your birthday 

And you will gone by mine 



Your say words with intent


I take as intimate 

I took as meaningful

And intentional

Do they all go away now


When you said in bed 

You wish you were born earlier

Did you mean that


When you said



When you pushed me to say I love you

Far too early on 

Did you intend to break my heart 

Not more than a week later


Where is your heart

Where are you leading me



And why are you listening

To their awful words 

Of judgement

And insinuation


You dragged me out to play

And then you told me you loved me

Then you left me to play, again

By myself


Convinced me to join you

Told me what you admired about me

Then didn't come by to get me

You went off on your own 

With something other to do

Who knows with whom

Of if anyone

Just alone


All these years I've been

In control of my time

My alone time

My lovely, lovely alone time

It's why I moved here


I rather be misunderstood 

Here, in the city, alone

Then misunderstood 

Surrounded by fools 


In the outskirts 

But I found shortly

I was very understood

Very open-mindedly understood 


And then you came along

Like a shot in the dark


And you told me things

That no one had told before

It seemed

No one in a very long while anyway

You showed me strength

You showed me your will

You showed me your everything

You showed me you


Now You got me

Hook, line and sinker

Believing this is ok


You introduced me to your friends 

All of those important



Not again


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Comments (1)

  1. 1pennyformy

    Ah, that lovely lovely alone time.. that’s where words like this are born.

    October 31, 2016