Happy Father's Day


You don't get to gravitate fear out of your children anymore. I have let go and move away from you enough to let you instill fear in me anymore. And you will be punished. You will be reprimanded. You will be spoken to in a firm decisive way. 


While you hold onto to fear yourself and hold the shield of I'm right, always. Growl. You will cower. I feel it, now, I see it. Cowardly lion.  


Nor do you get to gravitate toward fear on your own. Inspiring your would to do hateful feeling things. Where does this come from I do not know. But today it ends. Because you have earned this title of Father. 


For all the ugly things you have done I won't hold you hostage anymore. You have performed many, many courageous fatherly tasks. So many that your children love you. They love you and the father you live with—your father. They love him, Poppi. 


However, because of you, your actions, inexplicable to me: they follow your fear, your anger, your angst along the path and pith of disrespectful misbehavior. Yes, soft and cushy and oddly cozy covering ourselves in fear; behind the curtain of anger the strength of the wonderment and power of oz. Bullies have names. 


Please come out from behind the curtain, Nasty Scrooge. Be the fun loving seemingly caring person I fell in love with in '89. Lose the expectations, practice the bravery that says I love you to your children and father everyday. Although I live with you no longer, they do, they 3 do. And if you want them all to get better, to live long and prosper. If you want them to thrive you must show them love, not fear. Not anger. 


Encourage their happiness. In the little things. In the things you have provided them. The huge mound of consideration you are living with them in—the growth of a family. 


No more victims. Only love, please. 

Your Mother's Children

Your Ex-Wife

Depending on how you are feeling at this moment, these days. 

The weakest link, you determine 20 years ago, I am not. 

Practice Peace

Practice Love


Practice Respect if you cannot yet practice the first two. I know this. I have known this for 12 years. 

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Comments (6)

  1. Munkyman

    Because you only get the one chance to do it right.

    June 19, 2016
    1. drivefaastakechances

      good one. Did you ever see them live? How is your Father’s Day, getting a few tolerable minutes with the old man?

      June 19, 2016
      1. Munkyman

        Nope never saw him/them live. Quiet, may go visit a friend later… I don’t even know his phone number.

        June 19, 2016
        1. drivefaastakechances

          I’m sorry.

          June 19, 2016
          1. Munkyman

            Don’t be, it’s so old you can’t even see the scar.

            June 19, 2016
  2. jettgabb

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    June 25, 2016