In These Twelve Days


It starts with a gray notion

[Day 1]

Heavily greened trees

Filtering blue sky


How did she breathe


Tall, tall green grasses


A gray notion, indeed

How she must have missed him—

Is all I can think about


I imagine 

Heavy breath

Yellowing haze

A perfect bold


Holding breath


Don't breathe

Too deep

She maybe felt

It would hurt

Too Deep

I thought



She continued on

Every year

Mothering and


But how

I thought, just Yesterday

How did she 


Saunter on


There must have been

An ache

She knew—

A Deep and




From the loss of love


Breathe shallow, she thought

[or maybe I thought]

Less pain, perhaps


She loved him

She missed him


It was late spring

Early summer

Just like know


yes, yes


She was strong

as strong as she could possibly be

—These 12 Days




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Comments (9)

  1. funfreak

    This is so sweetly sad. For some reason, it reminded me of my mother and father.

    June 02, 2016
    1. drivefaastakechances

      June 02, 2016
    2. drivefaastakechances

      I had thoughts of your mother as I was creating this piece. It’s something I have been struggling to write and meaning to execute for a while now. What I love about this place is I can “purge” some feelings into “thoughts”. Sort of like the playdough play center we had as kids, if you didn’t like it you could roll it out or into something new; or just pack it in and play another day. Thank you, dear.

      June 06, 2016
      1. funfreak

        mmmmm…..I loved playing with playdough. I think you described this experience perfectly! I love that about you.

        June 06, 2016
        1. drivefaastakechances

          Thank you! I loved the way it felt in my hands, I never liked the way it smelled.

          June 06, 2016
  2. jeremymullah

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    June 15, 2016
  3. withwings

    I liked yoir comment to funfreak, I understand it and wrote something the other day I purged feelings into

    July 15, 2016
    1. drivefaastakechances

      Can’t get to your account today. :-(

      July 19, 2016
  4. abigailbate

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    August 13, 2016