In Those Twelve Years


She continued on

Every year



But how

I thought

The Day Before Yesterday

How did she 


Saunter on


There must have been

An ache

She knew—

A Deep Harrowing 



From the loss of love


Everyday of every year 

She maybe died a little more

She never told me

Never revealed to us 

Just how much


A relevant seemingly everlasting ache


She loved him


Before her last days

She must have reviewed it all

All her shame

All her loss

All alone


I think 

I hope 

I pray

Her God 

Her Priest

Were enough for her


She was strong

And ladylike 

Could they carry her 

To that white lighted path

They say, as they say


I imagined she walked


She had loss so much

The shame of 65 years

She believed in baptism

Did she believe in herself


It was late spring

Early summer

Just like know


In these 12 Days


He was survived by her—


Strong and Fragile

Ladylike, her


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  1. scarletts_letters

    June 03, 2016
  2. masonleakey

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    July 23, 2016