Is it just the regular sort of lying

You're right in front of me

But you're gone

You might be too far gone


I can't tell if it's my highly sensitive nature or your puddle of immaturity and inability to decipher your preference from their indifference. Find a platform and stick to it




I've always wondered 

If you were good at lying

Or if that was just my anxieties

About his lying

Getting the best of me


I wondered if you were lying


I can't remember if I was like this before

I was married to 

The strangely compulsive liar 

Or if I never really trusted men

I know when I finished being married

And I didn't realize he had being lying about so much 

That anyone would lie so much

I remember that being unbelievable 

I remember that being so foreign

And thinking for what purpose would a person go to such lengths. 


I remember thinking last night 

How am I going to fix this

How will I 

How can I

Ever fix me


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Comments (3)

  1. Munkyman

    one step at a time… the same way you fix anything else.

    November 05, 2016
    1. drivefaastakechances

      It’s taking far too long

      November 05, 2016
      1. Munkyman

        anything worth doing usually does.

        November 05, 2016