Will My Coffee Ever Cool Off?

Watching people interact is funny to me. 


I was sparked by this relalization (not for the first time) today while watching two girls at the college nearly collide with one another around a corner. They looked up at eachother, quickly looked back down, mumbled something (apologies I would assume) and continued speed walking towards their next destination. 


Case 2 of the day is this woman sitting across from me at this bank of tables, drinking Starbucks, doing what I can only assume is some sort of project. When I sat down, she looked up, we both  smiled kindly at one another, and carried about our business. Now I am sitting here, typing aggressively, and chewing carrot REALLY REALLY loudly trying to elicit some sort of response. But none has come. 


Okay Wow, thoughts interupted. It's been ten minutes of the carrot, no response. Now another girl walks into the same area as me and Starbucks girl, greets Starbucks girl with one of the warmest responses I have witnessed today, and is greeted the same way right back. She then sits at another table all together down the row. Now they are talking anyways. Two tables away from one another, instead of just sitting together.


I think maybe what I am getting at is that we are so bordered. Instead of making a connection, Hallway Crash nervously skitted away in both directions. Instead of sitting together, Starbucks girl and her friend sat two fricken tables away to chat. Instead of saying hello and shooting the shit, I sat down and pulled out my laptop while Starbucks girl did her own thing. 


But it isn't possible that we are born this way. I say this because as I finished that last sentence, the toddler group came sauntering through, picking their noses, and eachothers, holding hands and laughing at nothing. 


Don't get me wrong, I don't want adults to be picking eachothers  noses, but the sentiment behind it is what is nice. 


Or maybe is it  disturbing? 

So this is a lovely writer I found a ways back when I first got here—I found a little time in my day to read her again—please give her a fair trial viewing—I think you'll find her as fun and witty as I have. If you don't already know her. And btw, I see she can hold her own against the dragons. 


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Comments (2)

  1. CoRa_thoughts

    Thank you DFTC

    And lay it on me internet, because I can handle the most constructive of criticism. And even that which is not so constructive

    September 18, 2015
  2. funfreak

    Thanks for the introduction!

    September 19, 2015